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Platform Migration: Actuate to Jaspersoft Conversion

Document management

Project Type: System Integrations

Industry: Financial Services

Business Challenge

Financial organizations are surrounded with numerous reporting options—and in order to create and maintain effective document flow, a strong IT foundation is needed. Maintaining an outdated Actuate system was becoming expensive due to its proprietary nature and unfriendly license pricing. The client reached out to Sprinterra in hopes of converting from Actuate to Jaspersoft.

Looking to enhance their existing architecture, they sought out Sprinterra for a cloud migration solution to meet the ongoing needs.


The Sprinterra specialists designed an Actuate to Jaspersoft transition plan in tight cooperation with the customer. The main requirement was that the end-user should receive the same or the better functionality he/she had before.

Initially the conversion process implied a manual approach. Each report had to be converted manually, including all designs and formulas. Due to the great number of reports also ranging by the level of complexity, the full process was extremely time-consuming. Upon the completion of the research and analysis of the existing system and the cost of its conversion to the new platform, Sprinterra specialists suggested creating a tool that would automate the conversion process.

As a result, the team delivered a solution that provided automatic conversion of Actuate or PowerBuilder reports to the new Jaspersoft platform. This automation tool significantly reduced the amount of time it took to complete the project as well as the overall cost and effectiveness.


  • Cost reduction (up to 30% savings)
  • Creating of corporate style sheets and standards
  • Reduction of time-consuming operations
  • Significant reduction of total time necessary for conversion
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