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Arena PLM Integration

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Project Type: System Integrations

Industry: Software and IT solutions


Arena is the leading provider of cloud-based product development solutions for high tech, consumer electronics, and medical device industries. The integration from Arena to Acumatica helps extend an organization’s end-to-end cloud environment to help design, produce, and deliver innovative products rapidly.

With Arena’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, Acumatica customers can accelerate new product launches and eliminate costly errors caused by manually entering information in ERP. This gives engineering, quality, and manufacturing teams a completely connected approach throughout new product development and introduction.


In order to make integration happen, Sprinterra development team added Arena Integration Setup page to the Acumatica application. This is the place where users are able to connect their tenant account, establish and test connection between Arena and Acumatica. It is also required to populate entity settings that specify which exactly objects will be synced and shared between the two systems. Arena custom to each workspace categories and entities are being processed and created in Acumatica as well. This process will help to avoid errors during work with stock items. Examples of such categories can be stock items, sales categories, bills of material, vendor detail. On the other hand, such objects as Vendors are being exported from Acumatica into Arena. Such a two way connection between the systems helps to accelerate product development and delivery to increase profits. It is also possible to see the history of all synced objects to keep track of all changes.


Streamlining the passage of product information from PLM to ERP the instant it is approved by cross-functional teams gives companies a strategic advantage to continually innovate and deliver solutions fast. Once the design of a new product is approved in Arena PLM, all part and assembly information will be automatically passed to Acumatica Cloud ERP, giving procurement and production teams immediate and accurate product record access to speed their planning and manufacturing processes.


  • Microsoft.NET
  • C#
  • Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform
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