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Development of Commitly Financial Application

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Financial Application Development

Commitly financial app

Web application

Create a cashflow planning app suited for both beginners (e.g., individual entrepreneurs) and experienced users (financial advisors/accountants).


  • Modern design of website and efficient, client-oriented approach
  • One system that combines connections to banks, planning and forecasting, and reporting makes data management very transparent
  • New tool allows tight collaboration between team users
  • Third-party tools can be easily integrated with Commitly application



Commitly app provides possibilities to:

  • Create financial plans and compare actual data to planned data
  • Synchronize transactions from the client’s bank account
  • Map transactions to categories, suggestions of the categories
  • Generate reports
  • Add the team and collaborate (messages, tasks)
  • Integrations with Slack etc.


1. Personas
For the startup it is very important to know the users. Based on the results of user research provided by the client, we’ve created personas for Commitly project.

2. User flows
We’ve created a set of user flow charts to demonstrate how the screens of the project will look and connect together. This particular one illustrates 1st run of the app.

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