Our client is working with the Interactive Brokers trading platform to monitor financial markets and open positions each day. To streamline these operations, they needed an application to audit the positions and automate security trading flows based on a proprietary algorithm and custom rule sets.


To meet the client’s objectives, Sprinterra assembled a professional team with a robust financial industry background. Before development started, the team thoroughly analyzed the project’s scope to ensure the product solution would handle requests effectively and work as per the client’s requirements. To collect feedback as early as possible, Sprinterra organized the development process using 1-week “sprints.” At the end of every milestone, or “sprint,” we completed demos to identify potential issues in the early stages of development, provide resolution for bug fixes, and make plans for future development improvements.


Sprinterra created a comprehensive web application for reporting, monitoring, and hands-free execution of client activity. This implementation provides the software structure for:

Interactive Brokers API


Our application’s most significant advantage is 24/7 availability and execution. Traders can be away, at lunch or relaxing with family, and actively participate in market activities without intervention. Additionally, the customized software application reacts instantly to market changes when the client makes a live API call to Interactive Brokers. This implementation saves time and capitalizes on opportunities that would otherwise get missed if the trader wasn’t available to manually complete routine tasks. Technologies Used In The Deployment Include:

This implementation aided in providing Interactive Brokers users with more robust functionality and an improved overall user experience. Further, this upgrade added capacity to process trades and increase trading volume when traders aren’t actively engaged or using the financial service platform. For more information on getting customized software solutions for your financial services company, please reach out to the team at Sprinterra to discuss your project requirements today.

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